Patented Door Locking System

dbar home security lock

Safety lock to keep your home, business, and schools safe

Home invasions are a scary part of daily life. Having a secure front and back door is essential to ensure that your entire family is safe. Smart security starts with a sturdy lock. If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s security, the patented D-Bar is a dependable and easy-to-use option for any home, school, or business. 

Types of door security devices vary in style, construction materials, and price. The D-Bar is made from top grade steel and virtually impenetrable. This product is simply one of the toughest door locking systems in the market today.

The easy lock spring lever makes it easy to quickly lock and unlock. And, you won’t have to worry about pieces snapping off. All parts are made of steel. Unlike traditional door security bars that can easily slip out of place, the D-Bar is screwed to the door with a bar that slips into place, creating a barrier that prevents door from opening when in locked position.

See how it works

It is made from the highest quality U.S. steel. The plate is 7/32” steel plate thickness, 20” tall with a 1/2 in steel bar, and a stainless-steel spring to assist with the retraction of the rod.

Keep Your Kids Safe

"I love the safety I feel from this lock!"
- Lorie

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Keep Your Business Safe

"D-BAR was developed by a retired US Vet, now a security professional. Doubt anyone could kick in a door with this lock."
- David k.

The Inventor - Jim Musgrave

I spent 20 yrs in the Army and joined Homeland security directly after where I've been for 16 yrs. I know about protecting the public. After having my house broken into I decided to figure out a way to secure my home and family. It feels like you have been violated, that’s when I came up with the D-Bar. Now I can sleep at night knowing no one will come in without me knowing it.

  • My wife and I love our D-Bar! It’s nice to have an extra layer of security on our doors. Nobody is coming through once I lock the D-Bar in place! Excellent product. Get one! - happy owner
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